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A Survey Can Change Your Life

Our world is made up of different cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, and types of personalities. Why we fear each other the most is a true mystery for many people because we are not in nature meant to be fear one another. Societies today are focused on issues of war and injustice when our true fears should […]

Dealing With The Pressure

Ensuring Patient Quality of Care Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist for those living with dementia and other forms of brain change. Her approach to patient interaction and change is strictly to alleviate the stresses that do arise from long interactions between care givers and patients across many platforms. Altercations and misunderstandings between patient and […]


  Many Healthcare professionals and patients alike think that healthcare is purely just a business, but it is much more than that. At Faith and Hope Hospice, our care staff is highly trained to deal with the demands of an extremely diverse population. We do this by ensuring our staff is well aware of cultural […]


A hospice nurse tells her personal story     “Beth Hurley of Norwell is a hospice nurse who provides compassionate care with dignity and eases pain for people with serious and often terminal illnesses. She knows what its like both as a nurse with the Norwell VNA and Hospice, and also as a family member. […]