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Mending a broken heart: As Valentine’s Day approaches, hospice officials tell healthy ways to grieve, how others can help.

Valentine’s Day can hurt. For some it’s bitter, not sweet. Just another day to stagger through the fog of loss. While many people are showered with objects of love, Jeffrey Jones, a chaplain at Hospice and HomeCare of Reno County, is looking out for those who are grieving a loss. Typically, Thanksgiving and Christmas are […]

Lessons on End-of-Life Care From a Sister’s Death

The health care professionals entering my sister’s hospital room, or answering my questions in the corridor, had perfected a polite method of ascertaining whether I was entitled to information about her condition. Nobody demanded, “Who the heck are you, and will I get canned for a HIPAA violation if I talk to you?” Nurses and […]

Christmas Toy Drive

Faith and Hope Hospice Care will be doing a Christmas toy drive for the children at City of Hope Pediatrics department. Please consider to be part of this memorable event by contributing any of the items on the wish list. As we all know during Christmas season the children are expecting to receive gifts from […]

The Price Paid for Comfort

With all the recent shocking changes in the U.S. health care system ranging from medical coding, billing, to the way insurance companies carry out business, it is important to take a minute and think carefully how lucky we are. Healthcare professionals are a highly prized commodity in the states as well as in any other […]

Should You Receive Treatment?

The risky choice of choosing to go through chemotherapy at a later age is a very troubling decision. Many elderly who suffer from colorectal cancer fear the risk of shortening their chance to live by actually opting out of treatment which only does worse. A recent clinical trial in older “frail” patients suffering from advanced […]

Your Soul Stays Young Even As You Age

Growing old is a beautiful process especially if you have a kind heart and a eager personality to continue enjoying who and what you have. (Italian) Nonne saltano alla corda come fossero ragazzine, fantastiche! Translation (English): “Grandmothers jump to the rope as if they were little girls, fantastic!” Most people have a chance to live […]

What does Value In Healthcare Mean To You?

I have been presented with comments and questions from very different people in different walks of life recently. They came to me asking how i would define “value” in healthcare. It has been hard at times because the more I think of it the more difficult the question becomes. In reality it all depends on […]