Faith and Hope Hospice nurses are unique and compassionate individuals with a special calling. Although being a nurse of any kind is very difficult, being a hospice nurse requires an exceptional temperament – one that embodies great caring, patience and resolve. Our nursing services consists of an admitting nurse, case management nurse, visiting nurse and triage nurse.

Admitting nurse

They are often the first hospice personnel to visit a patient and their family/caregiver. They spend a lot of time with a patient and family/caregiver explaining the hospice philosophy. They are responsible for assessing the patient’s and family’s needs and readiness for hospice. With consent of the patient and family and in collaboration with hospice medical director and interdisciplinary team, the admitting RN accepts the patient into hospice care.

Case manager

Faith and Hope’s case managers are compassionate and empathetic board certified registered nurses who know critical thinking and have expert assessment skills. Only one case manager is assigned to each of our patients to foster a trusting relationship with both patient and family for continuity of compassionate care. They are the eyes and ears of our physicians.

Visiting Nurse

Our visiting nurses are dedicated licensed vocational nurses performing follow up visits for our routine care patients. They are following the plan of care established by the our interdisciplinary team upon admission of the patient under the supervision of their case manager.

Triage Nurse

Our triage nurses are board certified registered nurses taking phone calls from patients or their families and caregivers after hours, weekends and holidays. They are a critical thinker with excellent communication skills who know how to acquire the information needed to prioritize care efficiently.

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