Holiday Donations Help the Less Fortunate For Many Seasons and Years to Come


As we reach the peak of the holiday season, Faith and Hope would like to thank everyone both inside and outside of our community who donated to less fortunate individuals this year. These donations are not limited to the holiday season and can be used year round during many occasions with many different individuals.

The purpose of our food drive this Thanksgiving was to serve ‘food insecurity’ groups, which are defined by the USDA as people who lack access to enough food for all household members, and consist of roughly 10-15% of the U.S. population. We collaborated with the Burbank Temporary Aide Center to collect food to either package for families or use during meal serving events. We can also gladly say that the donations gathered this year are almost twice as much as last year. With the high volume of food donated by us and other organizations, the Burbank Temporary Aide Center can serve families for future holiday seasons and years to come.

Our Faith and Hope Community also collected toys to donate to the pediatrics department at City of Hope Hospital.  These children face challenges in coping with cancer diagnoses and other life threatening complications, and donations are given to help them feel comfortable. Donations include toys, gift cards, blankets and clothes. However, these items aren’t reserved for just Christmas and are given throughout the year during different holidays, birthdays and important procedures. We also received handmade Christmas cards from local elementary and high schools, which will be given to children along with other gifts. All these donations provide comfort care for children and help them feel loved, which may lead to positive outcomes both physiologically and psychologically.

Our team at Faith and Hope would like to thank everyone who donated to our food and toy drives. This post was written not only to thank everyone, but to let everyone know where exactly these donations are being given, and their significance for the recipients. We encourage everyone to have knowledge of these outreach events and to donate with purpose, rather than donating blindly. We also encourage volunteering throughout the year rather than just the holiday season, to help make a difference and impact the lives of less fortunate individuals.

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