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ES Pulmonary Disease

With ES COPD, patients have trouble breathing and as a result, it touches all aspects of their daily life: eating, bathing, socializing, etc… Not having the ability to breath properly can be very scary both for the patient and their loved ones. Studies have shown that patients with ES Pulmonary Disease are the patients with the most frequent visits to emergency rooms. Hence, the reason for hospice to be discussed. With each visit to the ER, you expose both yourself and your loved ones to many different viruses and infections, so why not have the specialized professionals of Faith and Hope Hospice manage symptoms and prevent these ER visits; visits that will result to more complications.

Guidelines for admission criteria of ES Pulmonary Disease are:

  • Has made repeated trips every few months to the emergency room for respiratory failure or lung infections
  • Has been repeatedly hospitalized every few months and no longer wishes to be hospitalized
  • No longer wishes to be intubated

Here at Faith and Hope Hospice, our team of specialists have strategies to manage and prevent flare ups that can occur with ES Pulmonary Disease patients. Flare ups such as: feeling of “air hunger”, constant coughing, and respiratory distress and insomnia. They can show you and your loved one/caregiver relaxation techniques for breathing, anxiety, prescribe symptom managing medication and recognize when to prevent depression for your loved one.