Enjoying Life in Difficult Times


When the term “hospice” is brought up, many people cringe and become at least mildly uncomfortable.  Hospice focuses on end-of-life care and is associated with death, a concept that causes fear in many people.  At Faith & Hope Hospice and Palliative Care, we choose to focus on the other side of hospice care: life. Focusing on this aspect includes helping patients enjoy their lives at this very moment, and our goal is to make them as comfortable and fulfilled as possible.

                Recently, Faith & Hope initiated care for Christian who is 21 years old and younger than most souls we serve.  Despite the unfortunate timing, Christian remains a kind and gentle soul who cares about his family above all else.  He spends most of his time with his family and girlfriend, and is always in high spirits during nursing visits.  Our Faith & Hope community was so inspired by his positive attitude and kindness that we decided to show the same love back to him.

                Since Christian is a dedicated Star Wars fan, we decided to contact Lucasfilm (production company of the Star Wars franchise) to see if we can set up something special for him.  The kindhearted Lucasfilm employees responded by sending Christian a shipment of Star Wars merchandise, which included posters that were autographed by of the cast and crew of the films.  We were lucky enough to be present and photograph Christian’s his pure joy and excitement while opening the gifts.  This moment was enough to move the whole Faith & Hope staff to tears, and we’re honored to play a part in helping Christian and his family create joyous memories they can cherish forever.

                Since Christian is also a big fan of the Transformers franchise, we reached out to Universal Studios and told them his story. They, too, responded with humbling generosity by giving Christian and his family front-of-the-line “VIP” passes at Universal Studios Hollywood. We hope that Christian enjoys these gifts as much as we enjoyed arranging them for him.

                Since end-of-life is still a part of life, we should enjoy it as much as possible with our loved ones create valuable memories.  Faith and Hope would like to encourage all families to acknowledge and embrace these moments by creating memories of joy whenever possible, and we wish you all a very joyous holiday season.

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