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Palliative Care

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The Faith & Hope Palliative Care Program is designed and structured by an interdisciplinary group of professionals who work in a unified manner when planning care for each patient. This group collaborates with the other medical providers that the patient may be seeing to coordinate care. The palliative care team is well versed in enhancing quality of life by identifying and preventing suffering, impeccable assessments for patients with active, progressive, and far advanced disease. Palliative care is similar to hospice because it focuses on pain & symptom management and quality of life, but it’s designed for people who are getting active treatment or those without a 6-month prognosis.


Pain and symptom management

  • Adequate pain and symptom management is an essential component of Faith & Hope’s palliative program. Symptoms may include:
    • Pain
    • Shortness of breath
    • Constipation
    • Nausea
    • Loss of appetite
    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety
  • Care Coordination
  • Advance Care Planning
    • To safeguard our patients’ preferences for treatment, goals of care, and concerns for one’s family, Faith & Hope’s professionals will help facilitate the completion of advance care plans. These can include medical powers of attorney, living wills, POLST, and similar documents.
  • 24/7 Access to medical professionals

With Faith & Hope Palliative Care our patients and their families have around the clock access to skilled professionals who will address and manage symptoms that may arise afterhours and help avoid unwanted trips to the emergency room.


  • Medical Criteria
    • If you or your loved one or your patient, have been diagnosed with advanced, serious condition or a life-threatening illness. For these patients, palliative care’s extra layer of medical and psychosocial support can be beneficial in making life more meaningful.
    • Some examples of conditions may be:
      • Congestive Heart Failure
      • COPD
      • Cancer
      • Liver Disease
      • Kidney Disease
      • Stroke/CVA
      • Dementia
    • Financial Criteria
      • Upon free consultation, our palliative care team will explain your available options based on your individual insurance coverage.

Our Care Team

Our palliative care team is composed of professionals who recognize the human side of one’s illness. They discuss all options available, respect and recognize your choices, and communicate them between the patient/family/physicians/ and all others involved in care.

  • Physicians: Our physicians hold accreditation and many years of experience to recognize, understand, and manage distress caused by the illness and the therapies & treatments intended to prolong life. They are available to work alongside your primary care doctor or specialist to manage symptoms by prescribing medications and other therapies to treat. Our doctors can be accessed in hours that your primary doctor may not be available.
  • Nurses: Our compassionate nurses who are highly trained and competent in a range of medical areas, including internal medicine, pharmacology, communication skills, comfort measures, oncology, etc. They will coordinate their care with you, your loved ones, and all physicians involved. They’ll be your advocate as all treatments or therapies must be delivered with your consent, understanding, and in accordance with your wishes.
  • Social Workers: Our skilled and certified social workers coordinate your care and act as an advocate on behalf of you and your family. They will be available with resources and counseling during advance care planning, making sure your personal values and preferences are honored.
  • Spiritual Coordinators: They are available to support you and your loved one spiritually and help you explore your beliefs and values.
  • Volunteers: They are important members of our team. They are individuals of different age groups, past or present professions, with various backgrounds. However, they are all compassionate individuals, oriented, educated and ready to leave a meaningful impact in the lives of our patients and families.

Care Coordination

Upon enrollment to Faith & Hope Palliative Care Program one of our highly skilled nurses will be assigned to support you, the patient, and their caregiver(s) for achieving not only safe, appropriate and effective care, but care that meets your personal wishes and treatment preferences. We achieve these goals through the knowledge we’ve gained from many years of experience and skills that include:

  • Utilizing a strengths perspective and patient-centered approach
  • Assessing and identifying patients’ needs and goals
  • Creating a palliative care plan that supports patients’ self-management goals
  • Communicating/ collaborating/ sharing appropriate information among all of the participants concerned with patients’ care
  • Continuous monitoring, follow up, and responding to changes in patient/family needs
  • Aligning resources with patient and family needs
  • Establishing accountability and agreeing on responsibility