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ES Heart Disease

Browsing through this page as a medical professional? Then you either have a loved one or a patient suffering from congestive heart failure. In this section you will find admission guidelines for patients with es heart disease and how hospice may be of help to them.

Admission criteria with es heart disease are:

  • Optimally treated with diuretics and vasodilators (those who are not on vasodilators have a medical reason for refusing)
  • New york heart association class iv
  • Class iii may be considered with co-morbidities
  • Ejection fraction <20%
  • How hospice can be beneficial during this stage of the disease process?

The symptoms of congestive heart failure vary among individuals according to the particular organ systems involved and depending on the degree to which the rest of the body has “Compensated” for the heart muscle weakness. Managing heart failure the right way can help reduce symptoms and slow down the condition.

Faith and Hope Hospice, with its’ team of skill full professionals, will not only manage such symptoms, but they will educate you and your caregiver with what to expect at each stage. We will provide physical, emotional and spiritual support-all the while expertly managing all symptoms related to the terminal diagnosis and its’ comorbidities.