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Home Physicians

Faith and hope hospice is committed to its’ partners and the care provided for their patients. Palliative or hospice services, faith and hope assures the upmost quality care making sure your/our patients’ journey during their end of life care is provided with dignity and compassion. Faith and hope hospice believes that family physician’s continued partnership with his/her patients provides a meaningful purpose to quality care especially at the end of their life care. Hence, the reason why upon enrollment to faith and hope hospice and the request of the patient, family physician will be contacted and asked to choose from the following three choices:

  • the hospice physician may write medication/treatment orders and arrange for medical supplies, paramedical services, and admission to an in-patient unit at his or her discretion.
  • I wish to be contacted directly should the need arise for a change in or addition to current care. However, subject to my confirmation, the hospice physician may write initial orders if I am not available.
  • I do not wish to participate or be contacted regarding the care of this patient. The hospice physician may take over the care and management of this patient.Should the patient expire at home or at an in-patient unit, please initial your preference regarding death certificate:
  • I wil sign the death certificate
  • the hospice physician may sign the death certificateFollowing tools are available for our partnering physicians if/when needed:
  • assessing the eligibility for the appropriate end of life care available
  • opening discussions and explaining the benefits of our services to patients and their loved ones
  • billing for attending physician services

Faith and hope hospice and Palliative Care thanks their partnering physicians for the continued trust in the care we provide. If you or anyone you know is looking into a new partnership that will provide quality hospice and/or Palliative Home Care for their end of life patients then please contact us at (877) 797-1977