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Liver Disease

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ES Liver Disease

When symptoms become difficult to control and quality of life deteriorates, patients and their families and physicians should consider hospice. The guidelines for admission criteria with liver disease is as follows:

  • the patient is a transplant patient whose transplant has failed and the patient is not eligible for, or refuses, another transplant
  • sudden or progressive loss of functional independence
  • weight loss or reduced appetite
  • inability to work
  • mainly sit or lie
  • confusion, cognitive impairment
  • abdominal distention
  • malaise
  • bowel dysfunction
  • breathing difficulties
  • itchy skin
  • restlessness
  • altered mood and behavior

It is the goal of faith and hope hospice to relieve pain, control symptoms, improve quality of life and reduce anxiety for patients with ESLD and their families. If the decision is made to stop medical support, families experience strong emotions and feel overwhelmed.

Faith and Hope’s comprehensive services will be available to help patients with ESLD and their loved ones when the decision is made to stop medical support and families are experiencing strong emotions, or feel overwhelmed with loss of hope.

Injecting hope and joy back into each day of patients and their loved ones life is one of many special talents we at Faith and Hope carry as a hospice team.