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Discharge Planning

Home Discharge Planning

Numerous studies have shown that appropriate continuum of care and timely discharges to hospice or palliative care services increases patient’s quality of life, decreases hospital re-admissions and in many cases, may increase life expectancy. As discharge planners, your role is critical to the good health and smooth transition home of patients. Faith & Hope’s “patient centered” services and “team collaboration” motto will help manage cost while achieving optimal outcomes for your hospice, and/or palliative care patient discharges.

The following is what you can expect Faith and Hope to provide upon discharge:

  • Explanation of benefits to patients and their families in both hospital and home settings.
  • Ambulance transport to home/facility.
  • DME delivery to home/facility prior to discharge.
  • Qualified nursing staff to welcome, assess, and make patients comfortable upon arrival to home/facility.
  • Start continuous level of home care for patients with uncontrolled symptom management related issues.
  • Teach and educate family on proper use of medical equipment, medication and wound care.
  • Create and explain the plan of care developed by Faith and Hope’s interdisciplinary team upon admission.
  • 24/7 access to a Faith and Hope’s triage nurse to answer and troubleshoot any and all concerns of patients/families via phone/visit.
  • Will arrange placement if/when needed.