We at Faith and Hope strive to create a community that nurtures grieving families and allows individuals to express their grief while adapting to the changes in their life since the loss of their loved one. While everyone’s grief journey is different, there are parts of the grieving process that are similar to everyone. What you’re feeling is most likely normal. Knowing this doesn’t fix the pain now, but it can help you not feel so alone. Faith and Hope Hospice offers a 12-month bereavement program for friends and families of our patients who are coping with a loss of a loved one. the following resources are also available for grieving families:

The Doughy Center Open To Hope Foundation
(866) 775-5683  opentohope@me.com
www.dougy.org/grief-resources www.opentohope.com/your-grief
The Compassionate Friends Girls And Boys Town National Hotline
(877) 969-0010 (800) 448-3000
www.compassionatefriends.org www.boystown.com/hotline

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