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At any hospice in Burbank CA, quality of care should be the number one priority. Our staff at Faith & Hope are trained to provide the physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal support that a patient and their family needs on every step of their journey. Since every patient is different, it is important that we tailor our care to their wants and needs. Whether they have a large extended family or a small group of loved ones, we want to be available to help them and the people that matter the most in a difficult time.

We offer four specific levels of care:


For patients seeking hospice care in Burbank CA, our routine level of care is the most common. This is often recommended for patients whose symptoms are well under control. The routine level of care includes a basic schedule of visits that may be made more or less frequent depending on the needs of the patient and their family. Our interdisciplinary team is at your service. This level of care also offers 24/7 access to the after-hours triage team, which can help address symptoms and answer any urgent questions. 

Continuous Care

For patients with more severe symptoms, our continuous care is the more appropriate option. We offer a skilled nurse at the patient’s bedside for up to 24 hours a day and frequent consultations with a physician. The patient will be monitored according to their symptoms and reaction to medications. According to the physician’s recommendation, new medications may be started or dosages may be adjusted. Faith & Hope offers continuous care in the patient’s home, board & care home, or assisted living facility. A patient may qualify for this level of care if they show symptoms of severe pain, terminal agitation/restlessness, persistent nausea and vomiting, respiratory distress, or other drastic changes of condition. 

General Inpatient (GIP)

When patients have severe symptoms that need intervention or careful monitoring, hospice staff in Burbank, CA recommend a general inpatient level of care. Much like continuous care, the patient’s medication doses will be monitored and adjusted as needed. However, the general inpatient level of care is utilized when symptoms cannot be taken care of at the patient’s place of residence. GIP is offered in skilled nursing facilities only. Patients may qualify for GIP if they are currently in a facility or they may be transferred temporarily. Faith & Hope covers the room and board charges as well as transportation charges while a patient is receiving GIP. 


Finally, the last level of care that is offered at Faith & Hope is respite, which extends care and support to family members and caregivers. Respite offers a patient up to five days in a skilled nursing facility in order to give caregivers a break from their responsibilities. Faith & Hope covers the room and board as well as the transportation charges involved with respite care. Many caregivers/family members choose this option when they need to go out of town for any reason or simply to have some time for self-care. This ensures that the patient is well taken care of during this period.