How Journaling Can Benefit CareGivers


Being a Los Angeles hospice caregiver is no easy calling, whether you are a healthcare professional or caring for a family member. When we are under stressful times, learning to cope with these feelings of high demand is necessary. It is equally as crucial to know how to cope with these emotions in a healthy and productive manner. If you are a caregiver, one activity you may find helpful is journaling. But why would you care to do this if you are not a writer and haven’t bothered to try since your compulsory journaling assignments in school? There are an ample number of reasons why journaling sessions can benefit you.

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Natural stress reducer.

Feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration are an unpleasant but natural part of life. By writing down your feelings, you can create a non-judgmental space for yourself to unleash these emotions.  Even if you don’t have the best handwriting, it doesn’t matter because you don’t have to show it to anyone else! Journaling serves as a healthy way to unload these negative emotions.

Insight provider.

You will be able to notice patterns in retrospect and come up with solutions when writing about current situations in your life, including your caregiving issues. Sometimes when you feel stuck in a particular situation, whether it be a difficult circumstance or you are experiencing a conflict with another person, you may be able to notice some aspects of the situation that you didn’t before. This will help you to come up with more strategic solutions to your issues at hand. 

It is an opportunity to better understand yourself.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the demands of caring for your loved one and their requirements. You can better understand your ideas and feelings by journaling. You can connect with your genuine self by setting aside some time to jot down your raw thoughts and feelings.

Other health benefits

We have already established the psychological benefits of journaling, but what about the physical health benefits? A 2018 study found that people who journaled for 20 minutes a day for at least 3 days experienced boosted immune functioning! This serves as proof that good mental health is essential to one’s overall well-being.

There is no wrong way to do journaling.

You’re not turning in any writing assignments for a grade, so you can do your journaling in any way that works for you. If you prefer to write first thing in the morning, you can do just that. Or perhaps you prefer to write as a means to help you relax before going to bed. You can also organize your journal in any way you like or even not have any sort of organization in your writing at all. Go ahead and do whatever helps you feel most at ease.

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