A hospice nurse tells her personal story



“Beth Hurley of Norwell is a hospice nurse who provides compassionate care with dignity and eases pain for people with serious and often terminal illnesses. She knows what its like both as a nurse with the Norwell VNA and Hospice, and also as a family member. She received hospice help about 15 years ago when two of her brothers were dying of AIDS in a Boston hospice home. That experience changed her life and led her to become a hospice nurse. I was emotionally depleted, and I dont know what we could have done without that wonderful hospice home. Our brothers could die with dignity, without pain and with their family all around them.”
(Patriot Ledger, March 31, 2010)

Many people today have fallen to the traps of sociological limits in celebrating certain days strictly on a one day basis. The fact is that those things we celebrate, whether it is life, family, a wedding, a birthday, a new car, or a person you meet. These all are things we all can take a moment to appreciate and celebrate every day. We don’t need a calendar, reminder, or rule to tell us how, what, or why we celebrate what it is. This is what gives us humans the power to become a person.

A Nurse is a person who in many cases sacrifices their needs and wants to facilitate the needs and wants to the patients that they take care of. Nurses and all healthcare members need a much deserved respect when it comes to remembering their cause since their cause is a never ending one. A twenty-four hour seven days a week obligation to many healthcare members is the task we all need to notice is something that is very special about people today. The unselfish act of caring for another human being is at a core level of what makes us compassionate, which is something that is demanded in care.

Please do yourself a favor and to the others who are in some way responsible for your safety, well- being, happiness, and existence. Say “thank you…” or “I know how you feel…” because these people have needs of compassion, dignity, and care just as you do. We all have a story and life that may or may not be similar to yours.