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Faith & Hope Hospice in Pasadena seeks to expand the grief support services that we offer, while adapting to changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises. We are currently looking to offer support groups for people coping with grief. Support groups can be an effective way to cope with grief. Many people find that talking with others about their loss, especially other people who are grieving, helps them through their grief journey. Support groups are also one of the most requested resources from the families we serve. We would like to offer three types of groups: 

Drop-in Groups: Open to anyone, no registration required. These groups would focus on grief education, support and comradery with others facing loss similar to your own. These groups are ongoing, with no defined end date. The size of the group and attendees fluctuate week to week. 

COVID-19 Group: Focused on losses that have occurred due to COVID-19 and other losses that have occurred during mandated social distancing. This group will be like the drop-in group but focused on coping with grief impacted by COVID-19

RSVP Groups: Requires pre-registration. Group size is limited to 5-10 participants, and there are no new participants after the first session. These groups meet weekly, and they usually last 3, 6, or 8 weeks

Our groups will be led by a social worker, trained volunteers, and may occasionally host a guest speaker. All groups will take place online with video conference through Zoom. This is to practice social distancing to prevent spreading the coronavirus. Online groups can also allow more people to attend and avoids driving. 

All groups will be offered at no cost to the family and friends of hospice patients. Other members of the community are welcome to participate but may have a small charge to cover cost of materials. However, no one will be turned away for an inability to pay.  

Before we start the groups, we need to hear from our community to ensure that the services we provide match the needs of our clients. We’re want to hear from you. You can complete our 10-item survey online at:

You can also print out the survey and submit it by email or snail mail. Download the survey here.  

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If you have any questions or desire additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Reid at 818-559-1460. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to serving you and your family. Thank you for helping us to make Faith & Hope Hospice the best hospice in Los Angeles!

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