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If you are looking for a hard-working and compassionate hospice facility, look no further, Faith and Hope Hospice it is. My grandma was a patient at Kaiser and they referred us to this hospice facility and we are very thankful to them for the referral. I was amazed at their professionalism. Very caring and super knowledgeable staff. I am so grateful for the support of an agency that really cares about its patients. I am very satisfied with the services that we received from Faith and Hope Hospice Care and would recommend it to anyone who is in need of hospice, palliative and "End of Life Care."

Elen G.Los Angeles, CA

Everyone working at Faith & Hope Hospice truly cares about their patients and you could tell how dedicated they are to serve those in need. They treat their patients and families with high-quality care and dignity. You could tell that they are doing it for the greater good and put the patients first before anything else. They serve compassionate care to those suffering, and make the family members feel comfortable and cared for. The workers are all amazing and knowledgeable in their field. I would definitely choose this hospice over any organization.

Ellen B.Northridge, CA
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My widowed grandmother was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer that needed home hospices services. My main concern and wishes for end of life care were proper palliative care and adequate pain management. Being an nightshift ER nurse working 60 plus hours a week, I couldn't always be there. The times I was there, I was very pleased with the compassion and stewardship of the staff and nurses providing care. My absence was somewhat troublesome for me, not being able to be at my grandmothers beside. Working in the medical field, I've heard my fair share of horror stories. I had the peace of mind knowing she was in good hands.

Artin A.Sun Valley, CA

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