COVID Conversations: Vicarious Trauma & COVID-19

Vicarious Trauma and COVID-19 information from the best hospice in Los Angeles

Faith & Hope Hospice is dedicated to providing the best hospice care Los Angeles has to offer and bringing helpful information to our clients and community. 

This is especially true during the time of COVID. That’s why we are presenting COVID Conversations: a new web series on coping through the pandemic with interviews conversations and information. 

During this interview, we talk with Kayte Thomas, LCSW to discuss Vicarious Trauma related to COVID-19. We’ll explore: 

  • The difference between trauma and vicarious trauma
  • Risk factors for developing vicarious trauma
  • Impacts on healthcare professionals and the general public
  • Managing and coping with vicarious trauma
  • Resilience and positive growth that can come with trauma

Be sure to check out Kayte’s blog: 

Other Resources recommended by Kayte:

Kayte Thomas is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of North Carolina and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She works at a global employee assistance program and also supervises new clinicians for licensure. Kayte is a PhD Candidate at Baylor University where she studies issues related to Syrian women with refugee status and is an adjunct professor of social work. Her favorite topics include trauma and resiliency and intergenerational trauma transmission. She loves being able to walk with others on their healing journeys and witnessing powerful transformations of growth when people are well supported in a therapeutic setting.

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