What does Value In Healthcare Mean To You?

I have been presented with comments and questions from very different people in different walks of life recently. They came to me asking how i would define “value” in healthcare. It has been hard at times because the more I think of it the more difficult the question becomes. In reality it all depends on if the person assessing or reviewing the “value” is a caregiver, healthcare professional, doctor, nurse, patient, patient family members, or medical biller.

If I were to ask the same question to each and every employee in a hospital for instance or a hospice care organization, the answer would be extremely variable.

I want to ask you all this same question. So please be honest and detailed as much as you can. Give me a personal experience to yourself where you experienced value in healthcare, saw it being provided to another, or have been the one producing g the value.

Do not provide me with an equation please: “Value of healthcare= Quality+Patient Experience/Cost Of Care”