Your Soul Stays Young Even As You Age

Growing old is a beautiful process especially if you have a kind heart and a eager personality to continue enjoying who and what you have.

(Italian) Nonne saltano alla corda come fossero ragazzine, fantastiche!
Translation (English): “Grandmothers jump to the rope as if they were little girls, fantastic!”

Most people have a chance to live into their later years, but that does not mean that you should be confined to a solitude or sad place. You should go about, meet people and continue living the same way as much as you can because that is the only think that keeps you going. Being active, young at heart, and not dwelling over your fears or regrets in life is what sets many people apart in having a fun or sad later life. Simply watch the video and see what I mean. You cannot feel any regret in those women. Sure they have had a long, hard, trialing life but that does not stop them doing what they love. Your fun does not have to be a jump rope. It can be spending time with friends, family, going about town, watching movies, attending shows, or becoming involved with your city, or even giving back in community service. Enjoy your life and pick it dry for all that it’s worth while you have time. Here at Faith and Hope, we believe that this can be made possible for all of those we care for. Whether you are in the beginnings or late stages of life altering issues, this does not mean you still cannot do something worth while.


Arthur K.