A Survey Can Change Your Life

Our world is made up of different cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, and types of personalities. Why we fear each other the most is a true mystery for many people because we are not in nature meant to be fear one another. Societies today are focused on issues of war and injustice when our true fears should be placed on bettering our populations to withstand differences in immune systems and levels of income inequalities. Scarcity drives competition but does not mean that us humans need to endanger one another’s well-being. Money and health are among the top two factors that guide life outcomes and the quality of it. Regardless of ethnicity or beliefs, a decent level of care according to your needs is accessible. People have an absolute choice in receiving health care but that still does not eliminate the need for money. Money has become the driving force of our economies, trade, and even political parties.

When fearing the outcome of what may happen when your information is not taken but shared by you, know that it is in your best interest to share what knowledge or information you have. People like Hans Rosling and the other thousand of scientists, epidemiologists, researchers, and doctors who collect this data are doing it to only better your life. It is only political organizations who force the placement of a price tag on all goods in order to generate tax income and increase trade. Healthcare professionals and other true public figures believe in the greater good and will never hinder a populations well being. Whenever you answer the census or even simply provide your address or email in a consumer survey, know that this is helping you. Just as people vote to better their lives, providing truthful answers and statistics to surveys and organizations allows them to have the greatest positive effect on you. Healthcare providers use Tools like the census and self kept data sets to decide who is at risk and how to alleviate that risk or danger.

At Faith and Hope Hospice, we believe in the greater good and to treat all people with kindness, dignity, compassion,  and respect. We truly appreciate the power that comes with knowledge. We really would like to extend our gratitude to all professionals and individuals who share a common interest in seeking out at risk populations and helping to cure, alleviate, or help control illnesses.

Please take the time to check out some of the great things that Hans Rosling has done with statistics on populations around the world. He is an amazing man who sees no borders or limits his thinking for the people of this planet. The world does not only need more inspirational people but more people to follow these leaders in intellect.

Link to Hans “Rosling Trendalyzer”: ( A tool used to illustrate multiple sets of data on populations across the globe.)

Link to Hans Rosling video on population growth: