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Non-verbal Signs of Pain

Non-verbal Signs of Pain June 21, 2019 / Reid M. Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW It can be difficult to know when someone is in pain, especially if they can’t say that they’re in pain. This happens a lot when someone has severe cognitive impairment or advanced disease that hinders communication. This can b...
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Pain vs. Suffering

Pain vs. Suffering June 14, 2019 / Reid M. Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW Not everyone with pain suffers and not all those who suffer have pain. That sounds wrong, doesn’t it? The nature of pain and suffering seem almost identical, and the terms are often used interchangeably. However, there are some import...
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About Palliative Care

About Palliative Care May 23, 2019 / Reid M. Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW Sitting in a waiting room. IV dripping and my abdomen is aching. Headed into radiation for the fifth time this week. My guts burn like they’re on fire. I know I shouldn’t complain. This radiation is going to get rid of the cancer....
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Complimentary Therapies

Complementary Therapies  May 5, 2019 / Reid M. Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW Complementary therapies have become quite popular in recent years, but what exactly are they? Conventional medicine, especially the American medical system, focuses on treating illness, disease, injury, and symptoms using medic...
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Journaling April 26, 2019 / Reid M. Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW Grief can bring up a world of emotion that can be difficult to express. You may find yourself withdrawing or trying to put on a happy face for those around you. Sometimes we don’t have anyone to talk to or who we feel comfortable sharing [&h...
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Sleep and Grief

Sleep and Grief April 19, 2019 / Reid M. Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW Sleep disturbance, such as difficulty getting to sleep or waking multiple times during the night, are common components of grief. The majority of those grieving the death of someone important to them will experience sleep disturbance duri...
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The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence April 12, 2019 / Reid M. Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW Presence, or simply the act of being with someone, is a powerful tool when caring for someone with a life-limiting illness. It seems overly simplistic, but it can have a profound, lasting effect. I had been told that the first year ...
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