Coping with Grief in the New Year


Dealing with loss and the accompanying emotions can be challenging at the beginning of a new year. It may be painful to even consider it as facing a new year without your loved one can seem daunting. The start of a new year can bring up many feelings, regardless of whether you lost a loved one in 2022 or many years ago. Here are some tips from our Los Angeles hospice care team for supporting yourself during this trying time. 

Know that grief is valid.

Any feelings you are experiencing are legitimate, and you have the right to feel them. Grief might make you feel out of control if you have never experienced or allowed yourself to experience these strong emotions. It’s common to feel various emotions simultaneously, including despair, rage, disappointment, and even relief. You need to give yourself space to experience your feelings. Our emotions tend to resurface the more we attempt to suppress or categorize them.

Honor the memories of your loved one.

Make an effort to remember the deceased uniquely, such as lighting a candle in their honor in your home. During this time of the year, this can be a concrete reminder that your love for them endures even if they are no longer with you.

Adjust your traditions.

You might have celebrated a new year with your special someone at the same vacation spot every year, chosen different activities every time, or spent the evening alone at home. Consider your customs and if you would prefer to maintain them or modify them. 

Sometimes sticking to your schedule may help you keep a sense of “routine” that may help you get through the day. It’s occasionally possible to mark the new year in a new way while still acknowledging that things will never be the same by doing things differently.

If you feel changing these traditions will help you with your grieving process, then do not be afraid to do that. There is only one correct approach for you, and it will take some time to consider, experiment, and determine what suits you best based on your feelings. By preparing in advance, these frequently unpleasant triggers may have less effect on the day.

Set healthy boundaries with others, and do not hesitate to ask for help.

Make an effort to remember the deceased uniquely. Eat a meal they enjoy or light a candle in their honor. 

We stand behind you in Faith and Hope

Faith & Hope Hospice in Los Angeles provides survivors free grief counseling for up to a year after death. Contrary to what some people may believe, grieving even after a year is natural. Each November, we also hold memorial services for our patients who passed away that year. Please contact us at (877) 797-1977 or if you currently have an elderly family member who requires hospice care in Los Angeles.