How Hospice Patients Can Benefit From Music Therapy


While many of us can appreciate the therapeutic effect of music, hospices in Burbank CA are noticing just how impactful music therapy can be for patients suffering from terminal illnesses. Recent studies have linked musical exercises to soothing physical and emotional ailments as well as improving one’s overall quality of life. Many hospices are exploring the benefits of this holistic practice in the hopes of comforting and stabilizing patients, caregivers, and family members.

The process of making or indulging in music is more than just a diversion for hospice patients. Studies have shown that musical improvisation, performances, and songwriting can have emotional healing properties that, in turn, affect a patient’s overall health. In fact, it can have immediate mood-boosting effects on the patient as well as their family and caregivers. It has also been shown to improve the way that patients look at the world and their place in it.  Hospices in Burbank CA have observed and noted these specific benefits of music therapy: 

  • Enhanced relaxation, soothed mood, and sense of peace 
  • De-escalation of stress and anxiety
  • Improved speech abilities and communication
  • Improved motor coordination
  • Improved memory
  • Positive bonding with family and caregivers 

When participating in music therapy, hospice patients in Burbank CA are able to experience joy with their loved ones and create new, positive memories. Singing and playing instruments is a creative outlet by which patients can regain a sense of control. It’s a way by which they can connect to others and connect with themselves on a spiritual level. The performance of music can also strengthen cognitive abilities as it requires some level of coordination and memory. 

Music is a way by which patients needing hospice care can ground themselves in the current moment and feel a sense of calm, much like in meditation. A shared musical experience can also bring the patient closer to one’s family, culture, religion, or cherished memories by mere association. In many ways, this allows the patient to achieve self-awareness and confidence despite the circumstances surrounding them. Here are some of the additional benefits of music therapy: 

  • Offers a creative outlet to express one’s self and gain interpersonal support
  • Helps manage emotional pain and physical symptoms 
  • Decreases sense of loneliness or isolation
  • Encourages active engagement and movement
  • Facilitates positive thinking and review
  • Creates new precious memories

Holistic practices like music therapy are paramount to the emotional well-being of hospice patients and can make a difference in the support of families and caregivers as well. In order to foster a comfortable, safe environment for patients, hospices are exploring more of these creative exercises. Research has backed the advantages of things like art therapy, music therapy, and massage therapy, and now first-hand accounts are proving them right. As patients let go of the past and come to terms with their future, it can be so helpful to have another strategy to savor life’s joys. 

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