The Role of Grief Support in Hospice Care


Faith & Hope is a hospice in Pasadena that offers a specialized form of care concerned with offering comfort and support to patients reaching the end of their life. One crucial part of hospice care is grief support, which aids patients and their loved ones in dealing with the emotional and psychological issues of the end of life and death. This article will specifically discuss the role of grief support at Faith and Hope Hospice.

What is Grief Support in Hospice Care?

Grief support in hospice care is created to help patients and their loved ones address the emotional and psychological issues surrounding the end-of-life experience. Grief support can include help with managing heavy feelings that accompany the loss of a loved one, such as anxiety and depression. It also involves helping patients discover meaning and purpose in their final days alive.

Support for Patients

Grief support can entail a variety of services for our Los Angeles hospice care patients, including counseling, therapy, and spiritual support. Social workers can help patients cope with feelings of stress and sadness and can offer tools for managing challenging behaviors. Spiritual coordinators can provide patients insight into finding meaning in their end-of-life experiences.

Grief support in hospice care can also take the form of practical assistance for patients and their loved ones, such as help with advance directives, funeral planning, and legal issues. These services can give patients and their family members peace of mind during a difficult time.

Support for Loved Ones

Grief support in hospice care is not solely for patients. Family members, friends, and significant others of patients also benefit from the support. People close to patients in hospice care may have a difficult time processing their grief, coping with depression and anxiety, and sometimes even dealing with a sense of guilt or unease about a future that doesn’t include their loved one. Grief support is a tool for loved ones who need to work through their emotions and explore healthy coping methods.

We provide grief support for up to a year after the death of a hospice patient to continue to support the loved ones of patients admitted into Los Angeles hospice care. Family members and people close to a hospice patient can use the bereavement program as a safe space to share their thoughts and feelings.

The Role of Hospice Workers

From doctors and nurses to social workers and chaplains, all hospice workers have a significant role in providing grief support to patients and their loved ones. They have the necessary experience and expertise to offer compassionate care during the end-of-life experience. They can act as a guide to patients and loved ones enduring the grieving process.


Grief support is a vital aspect of Los Angeles hospice care as it helps patients and their loved ones handle the emotional and psychological impact of death in a healthy manner and offers a safe environment for people to feel comfortable and find purpose in end-of-life care. Grief support can range from counseling, therapy, and spiritual care, to practical assistance such as funeral planning and referrals for legal matters. If you have a loved one who needs hospice in Los Angeles, please dial (877) 797-1977 or email us at