Welcome! Epilogue Sept/Oct 2020

Epilogue Sept Oct 2020

Epilogue is the official bereavement newsletter of Faith & Hope Hospice in Pasadena CA

In this issue we explore:

  • Grief vs. Depression
  • Book Review: Grief is a Journey: Finding Your Path Through Loss by Kenneth J. Doka, PhD
  • Movie Review: Coco 
  • Grief Explored: Grief Work
  • Light the Night: Annual Patient Memorial Invitation
  • New Volunteer Opportunities
  • How to make a Luminary
  • Recipe for Leche Flan

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A Note from Your Bereavement Services Coordinator 

And COVID continues. We all thought this would be a passing event, something that lasted a few weeks or months at most. It seems that it will be quite some time before we get through this all. It’s almost certain that we will have some permanent effects, our “new normal” as they say. It’s still too soon to tell what exactly that will look like. 

We do know it’s leaving a lasting mark across all aspects of life, from the ways we grieve and remember the dead to the way children attend school. Grief has a similar effect, changing our world, affecting all parts of our lives. We grieve not only for those who’ve died, but for our lives as they once were. Part of the grief process is adapting to the new reality of our world. This is an ongoing process. Yes, it can be difficult. It can also bring relief and the opportunity for growth. We may find resilience that we’ve never realized was there. We can find new friendships and connections. It may allow us to let go of old, unhealthy relationships and behaviors that have weighed us down for years. 

Know that it’s okay to feel grief for not only our loved ones, but the changes that result from their death. It’s okay to grieve the world as it was before the pandemic. And it’s okay to grow through the grief as well.  

As always, know that you are not alone in your grief. 

Reid Jacobs, APHSW-C, MSW, CT


Faith and Hope Hospice & Palliative Care is a family-owned company based in Pasadena, CA. We are a member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, accredited by The Joint Commission, and We Honor Veterans– Level 1 certified. Our goal is to provide the best hospice care Los Angeles has ever seen! 

Faith & Hope was first established in 2007 out of a little office in Burbank, CA. We now serve Burbank, Pasadena, Los Angeles, and the surrounding communities. 
Meeting our patient’s psychosocial needs is our priority. We provide comfort care wherever our patients live by using a holistic approach toward their illnesses. We also recognize that tending to the family’s emotional needs is as crucial as the patient’s needs. That’s why were considered the best hospice Los Angeles has to offer.